The Retrofit Grant can be a great aid if you’re a homeowner looking to perform key upgrades to your living space. The grant will cover up to 35% of key features that will improve the energy efficiency of your home. The grant covers all the key measures you’d want to ensure you maximise your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. This includes improvements such as external wall and attic insulation, solar panel installations, energy-efficient boiler upgrades, as well as windows and doors. The response to this new grant was phenomenal, and additional funding is to be expected to be announced later in the year. If you are planning a home remodel, the Retrofit Grant can be a big boon for your plans, enabling greater possibilities for your home design. 

How the Building Energy Rating System Works

The Building Energy Rating (BER), is a simplified way to gauge your home’s energy efficiency. It ranges from A-G, with G being the lowest rating (and common among older homes that lack insulation of any kind). On the very upper-end of the scale, you have homes that score excellently for passive heating and airtightness. These are typically brand new homes since reaching this level is often very difficult, as it can also require installing an airtight membrane throughout the structure. When retrofitting an older house, the industry-standard goal is usually aiming towards a B2 rating, which is still very energy efficient. We have managed to achieve an A3 and above for some of our retrofits.

How We Manage the Build — Including the Retrofit Grant

It’s essential that a retrofit is considered carefully. Improving energy efficiency is very important, and we can help you achieve this through a grant. But it’s also essential that the new design enhances your space and is designed around your lifestyle. Whether you’re doing a whole-house retrofit, an extension or kitchen renovation, it’s not just about sticking something new in. It’s important that the new works well with the old. Done right, the result is an incredible design, with beautiful finishes, bright, open spaces, and a complete absence of the dreaded cold draught. 

Our team can manage all aspects of your retrofit or renovation, including grant applications and planning permission. We are not just builders. Having realised the issues that plague the Irish building industry, we built a team that works together to create dream homes on time and on budget. As a result, Sigma is a top-performing one-stop-shop that designs flawless homes. 

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