If you’re looking to revitalise your home through an extension or remodel, it’s a great opportunity to better connect with your inner and outdoor space. With modern design principles, it’s possible to get a sense of openness throughout your home. With large, highly insulated glass, you allow more light and passive heat in and have a visceral connection with the outdoors that stays with you.

Let’s revitalise your home.

There are many homes in Ireland where the traditional floor plan is problematic. Often you open the front door, and the hallway takes you straight through to the kitchen or sitting room. With modern designs, we can create your dream home. Often the interior spaces such as the kitchen have their back turned on the outer area. You have no connection to the outside world. We can help you connect with your outdoor garden space in a way that lets the light in, enjoy the view and also allowing you keep an eye on the kids while they’re out playing. 

 Open Plan 2.0

What often happens when you have separate spaces, such as a dining and living room, is that they end up competing against each other for all the wrong reasons. With modern open plan designs, you can bring these two spaces together, let more space and light into your life, and enjoy one another’s company. You can’t deny the improvement this open plan style can have on your life, but of course, we’ve all experienced in Lockdown the need for our own private spaces. So to marry the two concepts, we can also help you consider a ‘Broken Plan’ style, which gives you all the benefits of Open Plan — more light and more space — and uses cleverly designed structural elements like dividing shelves, pocket doors, angled screens, half-walls and other techniques to make clear delineations between different spaces and their uses. 

The Heart of Your Home

One of the beauties of having a more open connection to your kitchen is that the chef du jour is not left feeling disconnected from everybody while preparing the meals. But of course, it’s also important that the activity in one space doesn’t create an unwelcome disturbance in other zoned areas. There’s a lot of consideration that needs to go into these modern designs to ensure that the different spaces work well together to enhance your quality of life.

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