When it comes to renovating an existing house, we’ve helped hundreds of families hit the mark. We provide a “one-stop-shop” for all aspects of renovation; from the design to the finish, we can stop by, assess your space, listen to your needs and ideas, and provide plans that will meet and hopefully exceed your wishes. Here are a few words from some of our happy clients.

Irene’s experience

“Sigma made our dream a reality, which was a lovely family home. Patrick is an incredible architect, and there are things I wouldn’t have done that he convinced us to do, and while at the time I couldn’t visualise it, he could. Their workmanship is incredible. When it came to the snag list, nothing was too big or too small. They took everything as seriously as if it was their own house. They were just incredible to work with.

They were unbelievable when it came to timing. They estimated it would be 20 weeks from start to finish, and they actually finished beforehand. You felt like you were working with your father or brother. They minded us; they looked after us. The meetings they held with us were incredibly helpful. If at night you were getting a bit stressed thinking about the renovation, you’d go into the meeting, and they’d just smooth out all the creases and guarantee that everything would be fine — and everything was. I couldn’t recommend them enough; they were brilliant.”

You can view Irene’s full testimonial here.

Renovating the Boland’s House

“We lived in this home since 1978. When the kids were up and gone, we looked around and decided we’d try and do something. We started with the idea of just doing an en-suite, but that vision expanded thanks to Sigma’s architect, Patrick O’Brien. He showed us that nothing was a problem. He said, “Yes of course — if you want it like that you can have it like that. You don’t want to hear anyone say, ‘No, it can’t be done’.”

“My experience of builders have been mixed, but I found the lads in Sigma were excellent. They were very professional, very organised. And if we did have a problem they’d make a phone call, solved, problem gone. That, to me, was great. They were a one-stop-shop. From planning to finish, the job was absolutely brilliant. One of the beauties of the build is the outside space. There have been a couple of mornings when, being retired and not under time constraints, to be able to sit out the back in the morning with my cup of coffee is absolutely brilliant. I’ve had a few calls from people, and I have absolutely no problem recommending Sigma. And that doesn’t come easy from me. I would be fairly critical, and I find them excellent.”

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