Homes with stories and history are ones that are special. Lots of people end up living in homes that belonged to their parents and sometimes even their parents’ parents. Family homes are really special to people because they grew up or raised a family there, most beloved childhood memories took place within the walls and parameters of the property. They are integral parts of our identities.

Rejuvenating Your Family Home

People who inherit a home or have their home to themselves again after the kids move out can find themselves blindsided by memories and unable to part with things belonging to the people that previously lived there before. When living in an old family home, people face the tough task of putting their stamp on it without changing everything too much. Personalities evolve so the way one might interact with or experience the home the first time they lived there will be different as time goes on.  

For example, Michael & Mary Boland came to their home in 1978, they have lived in the same house since then, raising their kids until they were old enough to move out and live by themselves with their own families. The idea always crossed their mind to freshen up their home, so they got an extension and renovation. The project saw them adding a lot of extra space to the back of their home which Michael says he loves as he can “sit out in the back with the sunshine having my cup of coffee”. On the other hand, Mary said that doing up their original home was “a daunting task” but something they are glad they did.

It’s unrealistic to expect that every part of your home should remain untouched until eternity. It is important not to live in the past too much but what you should do is incorporate its significance and the opportunities it offers into the new design of your current home.

Rejuvenating Your Family Home - Image 2

Getting involved with projects involving family homes is really special and here at Sigma Homes, we get invested into the stories and history of peoples homes as well as the project itself. We are passionate about renovating homes incorporating whatever aspects our customers want to make their lives better. Nothing is a problem whether that is something big or small, see how we can renovate your current home into the home of your dreams by calling us today on 021-436-5866.