Getting planning permission for an extension can be a tricky affair when you’re unsure of local regulations and other hurdles. Planning authorities have specific guidelines and occasionally some unwritten ‘no-goes’ that if you’re unaware of, can slow down the approval process or even lead to rejections in some cases.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

We started Sigma Homes because we believed homeowners should be able to enjoy the experience of a new project or home extension. In a real sense, our goal is to improve our clients’ lives. Not just while we work with them during the design, planning and building phase, but for every day after for the rest of their lives. A large part of meeting our goal has been to alleviate the stresses of a build, renovation or home extension. In the years since we began, we have looked carefully at the areas of a typical project. And we took particular care in understanding areas that become ‘stressors’ for our clients, intending to alleviate or remove them altogether.

Getting Permission

planning permission for an extension

In some cases, planning permission for your extension must meet stringent criteria. Thankfully, we understand what planning authorities expect and require. We also know how to get the most out of your project while still adhering to these criteria. It’s almost always possible for you to get an incredible home extension no matter the criteria.

We provide a free consultation service that covers planning application requirements. We have the expertise and knowledge to anticipate potential snags before they ever become an issue during application. And if you decide to work with us, we will handle all aspects of the Planning Application process for you.

“We’ve Had Trouble Getting Planning Permission for an Extension In The Past”

If you’ve had trouble getting planning permission before, we might be able to help. Because we know what planning authorities are looking for and have now gone over hundreds of applications and reviews. We have an unmatched understanding of the landscape that means we can often navigate through the application phase without any hiccups. Having done this hundreds of times from new builds to renovations, we know how to help you maximise every facet of your project. You may be concerned that the authorities will reject your application. We’re often able to foresee and work around potential issues in a way that meets the planning authority’s strict criteria — so that you are more likely to get approval the first time around, even in particularly tricky circumstances. And even when previous attempts have failed, we have often had success in our first round.
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