Some very traditional homes can be found all around Ireland. They can have some beautiful aspects to them, but they often feel cluttered and cramped with interiors that can feel dark and damp. They certainly served their purpose for their time and the technology that was available. But that doesn’t mean you can’t update it with a modern, sharp design and build

Make it more inviting

With smaller rooms that can feel disjointed from one another as well as from the outside, this is often the first thing we’ll look at. Things can feel cramped when we don’t have good clear open spaces with outside views. And very often, you’ll have essential rooms like the kitchen that feel more like a hallway or utility room. It’s very common for the rear garden to be north-facing, which can leave the rooms in the back feeling cold and dull. These spaces can be transformed into bright and warm living spaces.

A more connected space

A modern open plan design connects everyone together. An extended space is excellent for families. When you’re cooking, you can still keep an eye on the kids as they play without anyone feeling interrupted. By letting more light in your home can feel more spacious, which can have a massive effect on your mood. And by bringing it from a lower heating rating such as a C2, which is very common, to the higher ratings such as A2, you don’t just increase the comfort of your space by eliminating draughts. You also increase the energy efficiency of your home. You save money and help the environment.

Modernise Your Traditional Home 

You don’t have to feel confined by the existing structure or layout. It’s incredible what can be accomplished with the right design and a will to carry it out smoothly and efficiently. Even if you need work on the exteriors, such as a new roof, new windows, external insulation. Or if you’re located in the countryside and your house needs a new biocycle unit. The patio, garden, driveway may all need to be revamped. And you may need planning. We take a deep look at the design. We handle it all and do whatever it takes to create your dream home.