While we currently have a waiting list of clients for home renovations, we provide home renovations worth waiting for. When you arrange a date to work with us, we stand by it. As a client-focused design and renovation organisation, we put our efforts into streamlining every aspect of the renovation process. We use process-improvement techniques to ensure that with every build, we get more efficient at delivering top tier results. What this means is that we know how long something will take; and when we provide a start and finish date, we can stand by it.

Home Renovations Worth Waiting For. A Passion for Design

We have a huge passion for what we do. We are about professionalism, quality craftsmanship, and incorporating excellence in everything we do. As our architect listens to your needs and wishes, they are already visualising the end results and thinking of ways to meet your requirements while maximising light and space. One of the most stressful aspects of renovating a home is spending dozens if not hundreds of hours calling around to shops, poring over catalogues and going online in search for the right tiles, floors, paints, windows, fixtures, and colours to match the space and your taste. With our knowledge of what you want and our own wide-ranging selection, we can provide you with some samples, specific suggestions that we think will match your taste and your requirements, and complement the build beautifully. We want you to love the light and space in your new home, so we go the extra mile for you. This is why last month we won the Houzz Award for Design

Whatever design you go with, we will complete it to an exceptional level of quality. We will go through the snag list and make sure everything is completed to perfection before we finalise the handover. For us, the handover is not the end. We consider the completion of your home renovation at the beginning of our relationship with you. This is why we include a 10-year warranty on all our projects. If there’s a problem with any aspect of the renovation, including any fixtures that we’ve installed, we are just a phone call away — and we prioritise all existing clients as highly as our potential clients.