Given the Irish weather and building norms of yesteryear, many of us live, or have lived, in the standard 3-bed semi-detached house typical of its time and designed as a functional family home but one that seems dated by today’s standards.


Building Technologies

Building technologies have improved hugely in recent years, and people considering a home extension can now enjoy design and build features that were simply not feasible in the past.

The combination of air tightness, new glazing systems and improved building and heating technologies all combine to ensure that even the most open plan of homes and extensions will remain warm and cosy throughout the year, and will, of course, cost a lot less than older homes to run.


Open Plan Design Features

Open plan features are particularly beneficial for family life, as the whole family can relax and spend time in the same space without feeling claustrophobic or in one another’s way. These spaces can be designed to suit the needs of a modern or growing family, and may include kitchen and dining spaces, and also seated areas where the whole family can relax together in a convivial home life environment.


Modern Kitchen Designs

One of the key benefits enjoyed by those who remodel and extend their existing homes is that they can now install a truly modern kitchen complete with the latest in storage solutions and space saving ideas, and not to mention the inclusion of thoroughly modern cooking appliances.

Discerning home owners typically use their new extension to locate the kitchen of their choice and we at Sigma Homes can help you to design and build the kitchen of your dreams that in its way will soon become the centre-piece of your new home.


Effective Glazing Solutions

Modern glazing solutions allow for the extensive use of floor to ceiling glass that allows any home to make the most of the natural bright daylight without compromising on the warmth and cosiness of the house.

In addition to these glazing options, the modern home extension can include custom-made sliding doors that facilitate the extension of the home into the garden if so desired by the home owner, and in this way add a huge amount of variation to the family lifestyle throughout the year.

Building a new home extension is a very personal journey for the home owners, and at Sigma Homes we understand that, and that is why we work with each of our clients to ensure their journey with us is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

To this end we are always fully aware of the individual design features that any home owner might wish to include in their extension, and that is why we bring our many years of building experience to every project so that the home owners can include design cues and features that are truly unique to them, and that ensure they are truly happy and comfortable in their newly remodelled home.