At Sigma Homes, we provide a full design and build for house renovations. We listen to what it is you want out of the extension and what it is you want to change within the house itself. We take everything on-board and present you with a plan that includes everything you want. When it comes to home renovations, it’s the little details that make a difference.  If we see something during planning that’s within your budget which might take advantage of the space in ways you might not have thought of, we’ll suggest it when we think it’s something you might appreciate.

During Your House Renovation

Many builders are very pleasant when you first meet them because they want the job. But within the industry, there’s an issue with builders neglecting the project over time, becoming unapproachable or uncontactable as the build continues, causing delays through a series of design and build errors and then becoming irritable when things need to be fixed or adapted.

At Sigma Homes, we pay attention to detail. We know that the cost and time add up when things are not done to standard, which is why we stick to the budget originally set out. To do this, we only hire excellent, friendly and approachable professionals who care about their work. We treat your home as if it were our own.

Changing Plans During Renovations

We understand that things change. As plans becoming tangible, you may see things more clearly than when looking at a drawing. When this happens, you will naturally want to change things slightly, little things that you want to change or tweak to better suit your needs. That’s not a problem. We’ll take everything on board and our architect will always be there, guiding you through the process. We’ll remain flexible and approachable in all aspects of the renovation.

Whether it’s just a single room, such as a kitchen, or full house renovations, if you will continue to live in the house, we’ll plan around your day. We’ll arrive in the house every day at the same time, and leave at the same time each day (ideally before you come home from work). We’ll always aim to leave your home as clean and tidy as possible to minimise disruption throughout the build. If you have kids, we’ll always aim to keep safety as a priority both inside and out of the house.

House Renovations that Stay On Time and On Budget

Our promise to our clients is to deliver within budget. We’ll aim to allow for scope for any small changes that might arise during the build. and we’ll treat the timeframe we set out very seriously. If you’d like to discuss your own renovation with us, feel free to contact us on 021 2348 095