At Sigma Homes, we produce fully customised kitchens that have been designed from the ground-up to suit you, your family and your lifestyle. As bespoke kitchen renovators, we know that you have a vision and we’re here to help you make it a reality. Our client’s satisfaction is what matters to us.

An Unfortunate Reality In The Industry

We hear so much positive feedback every day, and we use this feedback to ensure we are always providing the best service possible. But we’ve heard too many stories from clients who, before meeting us, had a bad experience when hiring a builder on a different project. As we listened, we realised we were essentially hearing the same story over and over again. The gist of the story is this. The client has an idea of what they want and what they don’t. They are careful about the builder they choose. They have call-outs and meetings and receive quotes, and finally, after countless hours and discussions with different builders, they chose the one who seemed like the best fit. The contractor was polite, seemed to be very knowledgeable, open and enthusiastic about the ideas discussed. They genuinely seem eager to work with them to fulfil their vision. Great!

But once the renovation starts, things begin to go downhill. The original plans and designs, which had been discussed and agreed upon, seemed to go out the window. It seems the builder has his own way of doing things; the placement and sizes of units, which was agreed prior to building, are altered without discussion with the client. Colours and finishes are changed. And often, the client only found this out after the contractor has ordered the units are already installed. When the client raises an issue, pointing to the original agreed plans, the contractor argues, becomes defensive and instead of promptly rectifying the problem, they instead become difficult to reach. The build gets delayed by weeks or more as the builder seemingly disappears off the surface of the earth. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual story, and it’s one of the “norms” in the industry that we have always sought to disrupt. 

Fully Customised Kitchens That Delightfully customised kitchens

We are constantly evaluating what goes well and what can be improved in our processes. That is why when we won the Best Of Houzz Award for Design, we reflected on what had got us there. We realised one of the key factors was this: When a client chooses us, we are on their side.

From the very first meeting, our goal is to use our knowledge and expertise to fulfil our client’s wishes. We want our client to see their newly renovated home for the first time and feel delight. We want what’s best for our client based on their needs. No cookie-cutter solutions, no “standard” design. Just high standards and designs which we can feel confident will, at the very least, reach our client’s highest expectations.  In the early stages of design, we will, of course, offer suggestions if we think it will better achieve our client’s vision. But it’s just that; a suggestion. And from the initial meeting and throughout the planning phase, we will be making sure that the plans we agree upon are precisely what our client wants. Of course, we are open to making changes later in the project — but that will be on our client’s terms. 

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