When you’re hiring a builder, a big fear is whether they will do an excellent job. And secondly, are they going to do that job within the agreed timeframe? The unfortunate reality of the Irish building industry is that most providers out there do a half baked job. There are oversights, rough edges, missed spots. Shortcuts. Some of the oversights on a remodel are so blatant that you’re left asking yourself, “Would they do this to their own home?”

And at this point, worry number two starts to rare its head. Nearing the end-stage of the project, with a snag list as long as your arm, the builder disappears! As far as they are concerned, the job is ‘good enough’ (because they don’t have to live in it). They’re already after starting their next build; as far as they care, you’re old news. They believe their service has already been provided. They typically become resentful of fixing their half-baked jobs and find any excuse to put it off. Leaving you to live in an unfinished job for months or worse.

We’re not in the business of ‘good enough’

If it’s not good enough for our own homes, it’s not good enough for our client’s. We come at it from a different approach. As a team, we care about our standards. It’s that last 10% of work that often makes the difference in a final finish of a kitchen or remodel. When we provide a deadline, that deadline includes the time it takes to ensure that every facet of your extension or redesign matches what we envisioned on day one.

Finesse Meets Efficiency

Typically, that last bit of work to smooth out the edges of a project are the most time-consuming. This can be a problem, so we have worked for years to perfect our approach. We ensure that every aspect of the work is done smoothly and efficiently. We have, to date, never missed our deadline with a client. And we hand over a completed project every week. We expect everything to be completed and perfect when we perform the handover. And we stick around. Our relationship with our client is long-term. It doesn’t begin and end with the renovation. That’s why we provide a 10 year warranty for our clients.