We help our clients create dramatic designs that radically transform their living experience. Whether it’s by altering the structure itself or by remodeling a kitchen or interior, specific changes in the features or layout of your home can have a profound impact. Here are some examples.

Letting more light in

You can create a beautiful contemporary home that uses modern glass technology to allow the maximum amount of natural light and heat into your space while allowing you to soak in the exterior landscape. This can also be one of the advantages of renovating a country home, you can take great advantage of the surrounding exterior space while maintaining your sense of privacy.

Marrying the old with the new

We can take what’s beautiful about your traditional home and add some modern flair while creating a sense of connection between the different spaces. We build livings spaces that are clever by design. When we initially meet with you to discuss your dream home, we’re taking in what you need and what you want, and from there, we’ll figure out a design that exceeds your expectations.

We can add those elements that bring utility to your space while enabling a minimal look in other areas. For example, a modern pantry space gives you easy accessibility to everything you need for cooking while freeing your kitchen space of clutter to enable fine lines and beautiful contours that make your spaces beautiful.

Dramatic designs that make working from home a pleasure

Working from home is a different thing altogether when you’re in a cleverly constructed space designed with your work in mind. We can implement a modern office space for you, with natural light and correct placement so that you’re getting natural light but without the glare or eye strain as you work at your computer. Planning the space around your office desk means we can take full advantage of the light, the outer landscape, and other features of your home to deliver a comfortable, remarkable office that can make work feel light and easy throughout the day.

It is crucial to have a sense of separation between work and play, especially when you work from home. Re-thinking your living space allows you to create something new, like a chillout area. A different physical space to enter will enable you to enter a different mental and emotional space. And these are just some of the dramatic changes that can occur in your home when you take intelligent design to your living space.