We’re often asked by clients, “Do you need planning permission to get an extension?”. The worry is, of course, the stress of all the paperwork, the hopes of getting approval, the dismay and disappointment if you’re not approved, and then having to repeat the whole ordeal again. When you’re looking at the big picture at the early start of a home renovation or extension, it can feel intimidating, to say the least. Thankfully, we can assure our clients even at this early stage with two answers that are equally true.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

Our first answer for many of our clients is this; You absolutely don’t need to get planning permission to completely change your home. You would be amazed what adding just two or three hundred square feet to your home can do when it’s done strategically and with an overall vision in mind. You can create a home that really works. A common problem with traditional Irish houses is that the proportions are all wrong. You have important rooms like your living area that are too long and narrow, hallways that are too tight and small, kitchen and living rooms that aren’t centred, poorly placed doors that can make your living room feel a bit like a corridor. By strategically adding space to your home, the other rooms and partition walls can be reconsidered. Together, we can look at how you live, how you’d love to live, and we can re-envision your space to support you and your family.

Our Second Answer

So, do you need Planning Permission? Our second answer is for you if perhaps you need more space. Say you have a bigger family or more ideas of what they’d like your home to be. For you, we’d say you might need to get planning permission — but this absolutely does not have to be a source of stress for you. Sure, if you were doing this alone it could be problematic. But the reality is we do this every day. We know what the planning authorities need and want in a design. So we take your dream and ideas, and together we can create a plan. We ensure that what you want can be achieved with swift and painless approval. We are happy to manage the planning application process. Rest assured that no matter what steps you need to take, we’re here to help you. If you’d like to see what’s possible, feel free to give us a call today. We would be delighted to stop by to meet you, discuss your ideas, and give you an opportunity to see what we can accomplish.