There are many advantages to renovating your traditional home. One of the best is that you have a chance to redesign the layout completely.  This typically involves some demolition work on the interior. The initial phases of a remodel can be scary for homeowners, especially if they were inhabiting the space before renovations began. As they look at the demolished areas of the home, they might wince and think, “are we sure this was the right move”?

Breaking down walls to create a new space

But their fear never lasts long once the demolition work is complete. With the old, cramped layout gone, they can see all of space to work with. The most exciting transformations occur when the owners were occupying the space; When you’re used to living in a space with a typical Irish layout, small spaces, limited light, the shift to an open, bright warm space can surprise you — even after spending a great of time planning and designing the rebuild and seeing that dream home on a computer screen in a 3d drawing, it’s never the same as stepping into that space for the first time and feeling for yourself what that can do for you on a visceral level.

And once that space has been reclaimed, you can rethink your home. You can get way more use out of the space, and with some clever designs, you can get plenty of functionality, plenty of storage and plenty of peace. 

Cosy up to new possibilities

During a renovation, you have an opportunity to get all-new windows and all-new insulation. This can transform your living space. With many of our older homes, we take cold draughts and dampness as part of the furniture, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With modern airtightness technology, you can remove the dreaded draught from your home. And using super-insulated, large windows built with modern design materials, you can bring more light into your space. You  can take full advantage of the sun’s natural heat. So you can keep your home comfy and fresh throughout the year.

So there’s a great deal to be said for demolition work. It might feel scary, but the only is up when you have the right design, and a great design and build team.