4 Things To Consider When Building A New HomeIf you have come to the decision that it’s time to build your own house from the ground up, it can seem like a daunting task. There are so many steps and decisions laid out in front of you that are crucial in determining how you want to spend your time living in your new home and how it can work with you to complement your lifestyle. Here are 4 things to consider when building a new home.

1: What Are The Key Features You Need?

Every home, just like every person, is different. Arriving to your first meeting with your builder/architect armed with a comprehensive list of the key features you require of your new build is a great way to get off to the best possible start. Maybe you need a drive in garage with enough space for a 4×4, an open plan kitchen and a home theatre room. Communicating these ideas early on will generally speed up the build as there will be less back and forth on design changes.

2: Furniture/Cabinet Placement

To make the most of your property you should be thinking about where you plan on placing all of the furniture and cabinets in your home right from the initial design. Think about how you plan on living in your home and if there is really enough space to include the furniture you want. If you think there won’t be enough room, you can always discuss it with your architect and use their experience to help you come up with the best solution.

4 Things To Consider When Building A New Home - floor plan3: Builder’s Reputation

The design and build team you choose for your project will have a huge bearing on your overall success and satisfaction with the build. Your dream home is in their hands, so you should always be sure that they have a good track record of completing new builds on time and on budget, and that they are easy to contact and communicate with. Typing the building company’s name into Google, checking the testimonials on their website or their Facebook reviews are usually a good indicator.

4: The Angle Of Your Home

You might have a beautiful design for your new home that ticks all of the boxes, but if it’s dark and lacking in natural light it can take away from your enjoyment of everyday life in your house. A simple way to get the most possible natural light in your home is by discussing the best angle for your home. Changing the angle by just a few degrees can mean the difference of a cold dark room, or one that gets hours and hours of sunshine every day.

If you plan on building a new home make sure to outline all of the key features you want included, think about where all of your furniture and cabinets will be placed, ensure the design and build team you choose has a great reputation and discuss the angle of your home early on with your architect.

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